Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Discrete Optimization Course at Coursera

I've just started a Discrete Optimization course on the Coursera website. It looks interesting, and I would like to have a firmer understanding of more traditional optimization, given my interest in biologically inspired optimization algorithms.

I'm also looking at a course on analytic combinatorics. My understanding of combinatorics is weaker than I would like, and my understanding of analysis is much weaker then I would like. I'm hoping a class like that would do me some good.

I am hoping this class provides some topics for this blog. Looks like the first problem they talk about is the knapsack problem.

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  1. Did you ever complete?

    I'm curious because I'm hanging around searching for other resources on DO thanks to very interesting problems represented on the course. But the course itself is one of my worst learning experiences, it's often that either author's speech diverges with the pseudocode, or the pseudocode confusing, and my best approximations of what could it mean makes equations wrong.